Vessel Management System - VMS
The "Vessel Management System" (VMS) is an internet based radio logging system produced by a group of professional programmers, who have "volunteered" their time and programs to produce a product that the use of is provided to any Australian Volunteer Marine Radio Station. The team acknowledge the support given by Pocket Mariner with "Boat Beacon-AIS ".
Currently used by Royal Qld Yacht Squadron, Manly (Marine Radio Moreton Bay).
Stations that have used VMS in the past: Coast Guard Mooloolaba(since Jan 2012), Coast Guard Tin Can Bay (fully automatic vessel transfers since January 2013), Coast Guard Sandy Straits and Mandurah W.A. Interest has been expressed by Marine Rescue Stations in all Australian States and two overseas countries. The system has been well accepted by both vessel skippers and radio operators.

Thanks goes to Crest QLD for providing the AIS data to the VMS database.

Features for the software:-
  1. Minimum mouse clicks and key strokes for an entry.
  2. Multi user, multi-site - must have a duty officer – but can have any number of radio operators logged on and working.
  3. Security can be set at user level on a “need to know” basis.
  4. Entry for Sea Watch Log automatically listed in ETA order, and the next expected vessel shown on the bottom LH corner (changes to red if overdue). One click to register BIH (Back In Harbour).
  5. Sea Watch Log colour coded for overdue, transiting and local vessels.
  6. Can be customised to local radio frequencies, and Associate Member call signs (i.e. three letter code).
  7. Transiting vessels automatically passed to Marine Rescue Stations (using this software) along advised route. For other stations, produces an email (which can be faxed if station not prepared to accept emails).
  8. Integrated Call Sign Membership List allows boat description/mobile phone number/and departure point to be automatically entered.
  9. Renew of Call Sign membership by email, and final reminder by SMS.
  10. "Call Sign" from one station can be use with any station using VMS
  11. All vessels with recorded details can be recalled using Vessel Registration (preferred) or name, thus speeding data entry.
  12. Callout sheet produced as a by-product of entering an assist (automatically inserts latest weather, tide times and duty crew (and if logged on by "Boat Beacon-AIS" or MMSI recorded and AIS active, the time of the last report, position, speed and heading).
  13. Crew callout availability, notice of leave, change of phone/email can be directly entered by volunteers.
  14. Up to date callout availability details on a day by day basis can be obtained by radio operators, and appear on the Callout Sheet.
  15. Internal messaging system for volunteers.
  16. Bar crossing option available.
  17. Records Radio Operators duty times.
  18. Records ALL volunteers' hours (break up by training, admin, maintenance etc)
  19. Stats by call type, and a daily/monthly tally of the sea watch log.
  20. Simple search of Radio Log for a vessel (or any detail).
  21. Software is fully internet aware, written in PHP and MYSQL (Open Source).
  22. If MMSI is recorded and AIS active, geofencing is used to transfer the vessel from one station to the next automatically.
  23. Mobile Phone apps allow log on/off (not smart phone app, just web enabled).
  24. Boat Beacon-AIS ” App – if a Call Sign Member advises BBID number, automatic sea watch on activation with a link to a position/track graphic.
  25. With “Boat Beacon-AIS ”, can automatically notify a station if it is in their area.
  26. "Boat Beacon-AIS " log on/off confirmed by SMS.
  27. Overdue vessels automatically advised by SMS.
  28. Other features included and to be added: Boat Beacon-AIS for Android and Iphones, click on the link and read all about it.